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Logo design, brand identity /

Creative Direction for package design + video.


The goal of this project was to take an existing product and reimagine its packaging design.


Curlsmith is a haircare brand with a natural, organic aesthetic. Despite its foundational strengths, the brand's existing packaging appears to lack distinctive character, narrative depth, and innovation—elements crucial for differentiation in the highly competitive beauty industry.

I established my concept for the brand by developing a mood board which encapsulated my vision of an ethereal, liminal dreamworld, accentuated with soft, pastel hues.


I was inspired by milk baths, and milky waters of Icelandic hot springs that I visited as a teen, soft pink & lavender sunsets, frosted glass textures- but moreover, I wanted to capture a feeling of being in a dream, where things feel surreal and enigmatic.

I began with a comprehensive rebranding phase, which involved the creation of a series of cleaner, sleeker logo iterations, and a light + bright color palette, refined to resonate with the revamped brand vision.

I created a sketch and preliminary render of my package design concept, and with the help of a 3D animator, brought the vision to life to fully represent the concept.

package redesign concept 1- cwg_edited.j

The mood board above encapsulates the brand look & feel, while the mood board on the left shows packaging aesthetic direction. Conglomerating examples that I am drawn to, the mood board is defined by delicate, monochromatic color schemes, frosted textures, and unique shapes, and I wanted to incorporate those elements in my packaging concept.

Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 5.47.42 PM.png

original packaging 

initial sketch

initial render

Ultimately, my branding concept led to the design of a jar that breaks from convention with its curvaceous, bubble-like structure and layered dimensions. This innovative design not only serves a practical purpose but also encourages consumers to retain and repurpose the container, aligning with sustainable consumption practices.

The new logo design aims to mirror the simplicity and elegance of the updated packaging, ensuring a cohesive brand identity that aligns with Curlsmith's refreshed brand narrative and aesthetic appeal.

This project represents a harmonious blend of imagination and strategic design, aiming to redefine the consumer experience by introducing them to a visually and tactilely engaging product that stands as a testament to the brand's evolution and commitment to innovation.

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