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Temp-Tats (temporary tattoos,) is a small e-commerce business I created circa 2014, and still operate today. 


What started as a love and hobby of drawing intricate designs on my friend's skin with Sharpee markers, combined with my intrigue in tattoo culture since I was a child, turned into a way to monetize my artwork while I attended university.

I hand draw tattoo designs, ranging from small, mix & match, to large sleeve-sized designs, in ornate mandala patterns, and delicate floral motifs and turn them into wearable, realistic skin art.

The brand's creative direction is inspired by my lifestyle while living on the coast between Melbourne & Miami, Florida- a culmination of tropical beach adventures and warm summer nights in the city.

Clean, cool, and minimal branding, gives way to a sleek and serene palette, reminiscent on lush botanicals and steel blue seas.

I have been single-handedly responsible for all aspects of the business: branding, package design, photography, production, fulfillment, marketing and customer service, achieving Star-Seller status on Etsy, as well as being a spotlight artist and top seller for Momentary Ink, the largest temporary tattoo shop in North America.

Visit the shop here:

Temp-Tats Shop

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